Silencers Circular Attenuators

Developed to provide high performance, this range of silencers are designed for a number of applications, ideal for connecting supply to air grilles or being positioned anywhere throughout a system where attenuation is necessary to remove noise generated by equipment.

All codes ending in M have a 500mm length and a medium performance. Codes ending in H are 1000mm in length and have a high performance.

CC015M  – Ø150
CC020H – Ø200
CC020M – Ø200

CC025H – Ø250
CC025M- Ø250
CC030H – Ø300
CC030M – Ø300

CC031H – Ø315
CC031M – Ø315
CC035H – Ø350
CC035M – Ø350
CC040H – Ø400
CC040M – Ø400

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