Minimum Security Lattice Face Plates

Price MSLP

Price MSLP Series can be used in any area where additional security is required.

The performance objective of a security grille is to provide an air pattern in the occupied space that is conducive to providing occupant comfort. It must achieve this while preventing the storage of contriband in the ventilation system, as well as access to ductwork, which is a means to injuring their own person or others. Many models have been developed in response to specific air distribution and security requirements. The application guidelines contained in this section are based on industry practices, laboratory test results and field experience. While designed for correctional facilities, these products are also excellent choices for rest stops, park facilities, schools, or sports venues where supervision is minimal and vandalism is a risk.


Mixed airflow
MSLP Series can be used in any area where additional security is required.

Return air
Also suitable for use as a return air inlet.

Ceiling location
Ceiling mounted for supply air from above.

Wall location
Wall mounted for supply air from the rear.

Fixed airflow direction
Non adjustable discharge pattern.

Square face shape
Min 203mm x 203mm, Max 813mm x 813mm.

Grille face pattern
14 gauge hot rolled steel with 21mm square holes and 5mm  fret. Round hole pattern available.

Metal Face: Optional Thickness
5mm, 10 gauge or 12 gauge hot rolled steel.

Cell suitable
Minimum security applications.

14 gauge hot rolled steel with 13/16″ (21) square holes and 3/16″ (5) fret. Countersunk screw holes are located on the face on maximum 10″ (254) centers. Unit includes tamperproof screws. Optional Thickness: 3/16″ (5), 10 gauge or 12 gauge hot rolled steel. See here for optional faceplate patterns.Note: Round hole patterns available.

Available Sizes
Minimum: 8″ x 8″(203 x 203)
Maximum: 32″ x 32″(813 x 813)

MSLP Size Duct Size
8″ x 8″ 6″ x 6″
10″ x 10″ 8″ x 8″
12″ x 12″ 10″ x 10″
14″ x 14″ 12″ x 12″
16″ x 16″ 14″ x 14″
18″ x 18″ 16″ x 16″
20″ x 20″ 18″ x 18″
22″ x 22″ 20″ x 20″
24″ x 24″ 22″ x 22″
26″ x 26″ 24″ x 24″
28″ x 28″ 26″ x 26″
30″ x 30″ 28″ x 28″
32″ x 32″ 30″ x 30″

Performance is based on duct size.

Airflow Direction


Face Material

Face Pattern

Face Shape




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