Laminar Flow Diffuser

Price LFD

Price LFD laminar flow diffusers are engineered to provide a uniform, unidirectional, vertical projection of supply air at a controlled, low velocity.

The laminar flow diffuser utilises an internal engineered equalisation baffle, resulting in a dual chamber design that introduces clean supply air to the space with minimal entrainment of room air because of the low, controlled discharge velocity.

The Price LFD is available in multiple sizes (including metric), in aluminium, stainless steel, steel, and hybrid construction. Many standard and optional features make the LFD a the most versatile laminar flow diffuser on the market.

Features & Options

  • Engineered equalisation baffle
  • Easily Removable Face
  • Adjustable Inlet Damper
  • Hybrid Construction
  • One-Piece Welded Plenum
  • 1/2″ Foil Backed Insulation


The LFD’s non-aspirating, unidirectional, laminar flow air pattern is ideal for applications where a low velocity and minimal entrainment of room air is required. Applications requiring the use of such diffusers include: hospital operating rooms, cleanrooms, laboratories, and protective isolation rooms.


Face Material

Face Pattern

Face Shape

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