Laminar Flow Diffuser

PRICE LFDC/LFDCSS with High Efficiency Filter

Price LFDC /LFDCSS Series Laminar Flow Diffusers with replaceable high-efficiency filters have been designed to suit the critical requirements of modern cleanrooms.

The LFDC/LFDCSS provides a means of controlling particle contamination within a room by providing unidirectional laminar flow of air. Due to its low initial face velocity, the diffuser introduces clean supply air to the space without entrainment of contaminated air from the occupied space.

The LFDC/LFDCSS is a ducted supply diffuser with an easily replaceable high-efficiency filter. The assembly has a unique gel seal design, which allows removal and replacement of the filter without moving or disconnecting the diffuser housing from the ceiling system.

  • Airtight construction of filter housing.
  • An easily removed perforated face.
  • Static pressure test port.

The static pressure port is used during factory testing for leaks, as well as in the field to measure the pressure drop across the filter.

Each standard LFDC housing assembly is factory scan tested for leaks. The test ensures that pinholes or edge leaks are detected at the factory and corrected before shipment.


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