Inane Pre-Insulated Board Cushion Box


The BM & BF series of cushion boxes and plenums are supplied using a Polyisocyanurate Insulated Board (PIB).

Inane Pre-Insulated Board Cushion Boxes are suitable for IAG products, including swirl & linear diffusers, grilles, louvres, etc. The material is strong, lightweight, rigid and comes in a variety of R values making it an excellent alternative to sheet metal. It comes in three thicknesses, creating three R rating values. The insulated board has one side black giving the cushion boxes/plenums a black internal appearance. All exposed edges of the manufactured cushion boxes/plenums are taped to ensure no moisture absorption.

Series BM
Cushion Box Manufactured Complete

Series BF
Cushion Box Supplied in Layflat Form

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