IFD-D Intumescent Fire Damper


IFD’s are designed to seal penetrations provided for movement of air via ducted or naturally ventilated means. Kilargo’s IFDs have no moving parts providing a reliability unmatched by conventional mechanical type fire dampers.


  • Innovative slimline design
  • Suitable for both mini and maxi fire doors
  • All-in-one Kit includes 1 x IFD-D, 2 x cover grilles, Kilargo Mastic and fixings
  • No moving parts result in a robust trouble free installation, which will not rattle or vibrate
  • Easy installation in new or existing doors

Technical Data

  • Integrity fire rating – up to 2 hours
  • Insulation fire rating 1/2 hour
  • Sizes available 600 x 300mm, 450 x 450mm and 600 x 600mm (Pyropanel doors only)
  • Suits nominal 35mm and 45mm thick fire doors
  • Decorative finish cover grilles are suitable for internal use only
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