Horizontal Mini Air Handling Fan Coil


The Polar Air Horizontal Mini AHU fan coil units have been specifically designed for horizontal installations


The Polar Air Horizontal Mini AHU fan coil units have been specifically designed for horizontal installations. With sandwich panels to achieve low noise levels, integrated control box and panels to access components, these units are a cost effective solution that provide a comfortable environment for both commercial and industrial applications.

Units are delivered completely assembled with the motor wired into the control box, reducing on-site installation time and labour costs. The units contain side panels which provide easy access to fans, motors, and filters.

The Polar Air Horizontal Mini AHU fan coil has a range of AC and EC motor 415V/3Ph/50Hz units.

Standard Configuration

The Horizontal Mini AHU Series offers a standard 25mm nylon net filter and the option to choose left or right side coil connections.

Product Accessories

Control Accessories

  • Infrared hand set controller and wall holder
  • ABS external LED receiver
  • Unlimited wired wall pad controller
  • DIP switch configuration service
  • Universal EC thermostat
  • STCD series thermostats

Other Accessories

  • Electrical heaters
  • Valve and valve kits
  • Optional stainless steel drain pan


Made from a frameless integrated folded steel structure, the unit uses a sandwich panel consisting of two walls with high pressure PU foam for inner insulation. Both walls are made of a pre-coated steel 1” thickness.

Water Coils

Built with seamless copper tubes and headers, mechanically expanded into corrugated aluminium fin material for a permanent primary to secondary surface bond. Tested at 35 bar with maximum operating limits of 20 bar.

Fan Blowers

  • Galvanised steel housing with a centre plate fixed impeller
  • Riveting compression on the end ring
  • Galvanised steel sheet mounting feet to ensure adequate strength
  • All impellers and motors are fully balanced according to ANSI/AMCA-204 standard


  • EC motors with driven controls PCB
  • Constant torque
  • Permanent magnet
  • 3 speeds pre-set to allow precise air balancing.
  • AC 3 speed motors are PSC, permanently lubricated type with internal thermal overload protection.


Washable filters made of double layer acrylic with an aluminium frame containing a G4 (Merv 8) efficiency class. F8 (Merv14) efficiency filters are optional.

Condensate Pans

Painted steel drain pans with 3/16” of insulation on the outer wall and isolated in aluminium on the inner wall. Positively sloped and coated with self-extinguishing closed cell expanded polyethylene with thermal properties.


Optimised water circuit designs, tested in accredited thermal test rooms to guarantee reliable performance and low water pressure drops. Air flow supplied at 300pa external static pressure (ESP) and can reach up to 8000m3/h at highest speed.



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