High Wall Fan Coil


The Polar Air Highwall fan coil units are designed for wall mounted installations providing optimum comfort.

The Polar Air Highwall fan coil units are designed for wall mounted installations providing optimum comfort. The unit delivers on effective environmental control and well-designed style casings that easily integrate with the interior design. Using intelligent microprocessors, the quiet and efficient operation of this unit provides a heating and cooling solution for residential and commercial applications.


Product Accessories


 Control Accessories

  • Infra-red handset controller and wall holder
  • Unlimited wired wall pad controller
  • DIP switch configuration service
  • External connection plugs
  • Universal EC thermostat
  • STCD series thermostats

More Accessories

  • Electrical heaters
  • Valves
  • Condensate removal pump

Product Features

Energy Efficiency

The Highwall Series incorporates DC motors with variable speed modulation using an integrated EC motor drive. The unit features innovation that eliminates the need for the motor to be turned on and off periodically, which in turn maintains the desired temperature of the environment and increases energy saving.

The motor is driven by 0-5 or 0-10 VDC signal from an inverter board integrated into the unit onboard controller, which utilises PID logic in order to modulate motor RPMs in energy saving auto-mode (ESM).


The Highwall Series offers an integrated 2-way or 3-way valve with on/off thermoelectric actuators for all sizes, and 4 pipe with the use of 6-way valve control logic available by DIP switch settings. It also features universal EC motors with adjustable RPMs by DIP Switch setting as well as universal control boards with the same dimensions for the full range.

Low Sound

The unit has been configured to minimize noise output, with noise levels capable of reaching 24 dB(A) of sound pressure.


The Highwall Series has a modern design with two cabinet sizes, which allows consistency on projects where multiple units are required.

5 Sizes: 876mm X 228mm X 300mm

3 Sizes: 1063mm X 240mm X 310mm

Standard Configuration

The Highwall Series offers standard stainless steel insulated flexible hoses for connection to supply and return water pipes, nylon NET filter, stepping motor and LED display.


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