Fortis Security Grille


Security grilles and diffusers specifically designed for secure areas such as prisons, hospitals and areas that are prone to vandalism. These robust grilles are made from a range of materials that give greater strength and security. Minimising and reducing self-harm, has been considered in the design of the higher security grilles.

PG – Minimum security grille
Fixed core perforated grille.

A fixed core perforated grille used in supply or exhaust applications. Ideal for low security applications where a slightly more robust grille is required. Constructed with an aluminium frame and a perforated steel centre. The standard perforation is 4.76 Ø at 51% free area from a 0.80mm thick steel plate. With the addition of a diffuser mat the grille can be used as a 3 or 4 way blow diffuser. Powder coated finish.

PGLRC – Minimum to Medium security grille
Lockable perforated face, removable core, tamper proof perforated grille.

Specifically designed for low to medium security institutions where more robust and tamper proof grilles are required. Constructed with an aluminium frame and perforated steel core. The standard perforation is 4.76 Ø hole at 51% free area, with a thickness of 0.80mm. Removal of the grille face will require specific tools. This grille can be used for exhaust or supply applications. Standard sizes up to 600 x 600mm. Other model sizes are available on request. Powder coated finish.

SPGM – Medium security grille.
Perforated face security grille with t
hicker steel perforated face.

A fixed core perforated supply or exhaust air grille for medium security applications. Constructed with an aluminium frame with a thicker perforated centre. The perforated plate has 3.25 Ø holes at 41% free area, 2.0mm, 2.50mm or 3.00mm thick steel plate. Powder coated finish.

Maximum security grille.
Heavy duty, high security grille used in situations where there is a need for a strong, vandal proof and to minimise the possibility of self-harm.

The small perforations and thick mild steel construction make this an ideal supply or exhaust air grille for higher security applications. The small perforations make it difficult to pass objects through, potentially reducing the possibility of self-harm. A variety of perforation sizes are available, for example, 2.41mm Ø holes at 40% free area in 1.6mm steel plate, 3.25 Ø holes at 41% free area in 2mm or 3mm steel plate. Extra security bracing can be fitted to grilles greater than 250 x 250mm. The grille can be rear or face mounted. Powder coated finish. Stainless steel model is also available.


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