Circular Nozzle

Smartemp CNW-AD

Eyeball jet nozzle with adjustable discharge direction, for installation in ducts, walls, bulkheads or plenums.

The SMARTEMP Circular Nozzle, type CNW-AD, provides side-blow discharge from walls or bulkheads. Supply air is discharged as a jet with substantial momentum, due to the high discharge velocity, thereby creating a stable trajectory over extremely long throws.

The nozzle of the CNW-AD is housed in a truncated sphere that may be swivelled by up to 30° in any direction (manual adjustment only) from its central location, providing an arc of rotation of up to 60° (figure 2). Swivel adjustment is manual, with self-acting thermostatic element, or electrically powered. The latter is typically used to swivel the nozzle upwards in cooling mode and downwards in heating mode.

If the nozzle is equipped with a self-acting thermostatic element, the total arc of rotation is attained by setting the range of rotation to one of the following arcs: -30° to +10°, -20° to +20°, -10° to +30°. The nozzle may optionally be equipped with a swirl element to reduce throw. The CNW-AD provides throws of up to 50 m and may be operated at a supply-to-room temperature differential of up to -12 K when cooling and up to +10 K when heating.

Visible components are made of aluminium, which are powder coated


Mixed flow discharge
High velocity jet for long horizontal throws, with optional swirl element for shortened throws.

Wall location
Suitable for discharge from walls or bulkheads.

Adjustable direction
Discharge direction adjustable over an arc of 60° (±30° from the central axis).

Manual adjustment
Discharge direction adjustment is manual.

Circular face shape
Round mounting flange.

Concentric face pattern
Round discharge aperture with surrounding circular face.

Metal Face
Powder coated aluminium finish.

Airflow rate

  • 8 – 1000 L/s  (29 – 3600 m³/h)


  • 3 – 60 m

Nominal neck sizes

  • DN100 – jet discharge; manual adjustment
  • DN125 – jet discharge; manual adjustment
  • DN160 – jet discharge; manual adjustment
  • DN200 – jet discharge; manual adjustment
  • DN250 – jet or swirl discharge; manual adjustment
  • DN315 – jet or swirl discharge; manual, thermal or electric adjustment
  • DN400 – jet or swirl discharge; manual, thermal or electric adjustment
  • DN500 – jet or swirl discharge; manual, thermal or electric adjustment
  • DN630 – jet discharge; manual, thermal or electric adjustment

Discharge height

  • 3 – 10 m


  • Round eyeball nozzle
  • Jet discharge for long throw – DN100 to DN500
  • Optional swirl discharge for reduced throw – DN250 to DN500
  • Manual adjustment – DN100 to DN630
  • Optional actuator adjustment (electric, or thermal with adjustable bias) – DN315 to DN630
  • 60° arc of discharge direction adjustment (ie ±30° from central axis)
  • Connection to pressure plenum, or to flexible or spiral duct via rear-side entry spigot
  • Powder coated aluminium

Function The SMARTEMP Circular Nozzle (CNW-AD) is an eyeball nozzle with adjustable discharge direction suitable for long horizontal throw applications when discharging a jet, or medium horizontal throw applications when discharging a swirl pattern. Suitable for installation in walls or bulkheads. The aluminium nozzle of the CNW-AD diffuser is housed in a pivoted aluminium sphere, which may be swivelled over an arc of 60° (ie 30° in any direction from the central axis). Swivel adjustment is manual, electric or thermally powered. Discharge direction adjustment is up/down only for electric and thermal discharge direction options. Thermal or electric adjustment are typically used to swivel the CNW-AD nozzle upwards in cooling mode and downwards in heating mode. The self-acting, thermally powered actuator option adjusts discharge direction as a function of the supply air temperature, thereby eliminating the need for controls and wiring. The bias of the mechanism is adjustable from a +10° to -30° range to a +30° to -10° range. Discharge direction is relative to the horizontal. Electrical discharge direction adjustment provides stepless control from +30° to -30° to the horizontal via a 24 V AC/DC power supply and 2-10 V analogue input control signal. The aluminium components of the eyeball jet diffuser may optionally be powder coated. The stable discharge characteristics of the CNW-AD eyeball jet nozzle, operating at substantially constant airflow over a wide range of supply air cooling differentials of ΔTsupply-room ≥ -8 K, ensure enhanced levels of comfort over horizontal throws of ≤ 60 m and typically achieve an air diffusion performance index (ADPI) in excess of 80%. The SMARTEMP CSW-AD Circular Nozzle is available in selected markets as the LTG Weitwurfdüse ILW.

Electric adjustment: Discharge direction adjustment (upwards for cooling; downwards for heating) by means of electric actuator with 24V AC/DC power supply and 2-10 V control input.  Well suited to supply-to-room temperature differential control for optimised cooling and heating performance, providing effective downward heat penetration and draught-free operation year round. Thermal adjustment: Self-acting thermal wax-bulb up/down discharge direction adjustment – no external power source or controls required. Cool supply air is directed upwards providing draught-free air motion. Warm supply air is directed downwards for effective penetration of heat to a low level. The discharge direction bias is manually adjustable. Radial swirl vanes: Recessed black radial swirl vanes reduce throw.

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