Barcol-Air – VAV and CAV

The low height VAV and CAV units from Barcol-Air are compact pressure independent air volume control terminals with a rectangular inlet.

Key features include:

• Pressure independent control function.
• Volume control range 100% down to 10%.
• Low pressure loss over the terminal.
• Galvanised steel casing for strength and durability.
• Low height design.
• Rectangular shaped damper blade for linear control characteristic.
• Low leakage damper, less than 1% of Vnom at 750pa.
• Suitable for all control functions (VAC, CAV, shut-off etc.) to maximise system energy savings.
• Flo-Cross, 2 x 12 point averaging and signal amplifying airflow sensors, better than 2.5% accuracy
even with irregular duct inlet conditions.
• Maintenance free.
• 25mm rigid fibreglass insulation with black tissue face


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