Adjusta Slot Curved


Price can supply Adjusta-slot in concave, convex, or flat curved construction. The design of Custom Flow allows for full pattern adjustment, even in curved configurations.

The Price Adjusta-slot continuous linear application provides the ultimate in design flexibility due to its wide capacity range and fully adjustable air pattern control. The aesthetically pleasing lines and architectural appeal of the Adjusta-slot make it ideal for integration into architectural ceiling suspension systems. The Price Jet-slot continuous slot diffusers are uniquely designed to direct air vertically for ceiling applications and horizontally for wall applications.

Price Custom Flow, Curved linear diffuser for curved wall and ceiling applications. Custom Flow is available in flat faced, concave, and convex curves for Adjusta-slot series airflow patterns. Circular configurations are also possible using segmented construction. Curved Custom Flow also offers a choice of the type 21 exposed frame, or type 22 concealed frame. The Curved Custom Flow also features:

  • Extruded aluminum construction with steel pattern controllers.
  • Pattern controllers maintain adjustability regardless of diffuser shape.
  • A choice of open (Y), angled (W), or flush endcaps (Z).
  • Curved factory built plenums are also available.
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