idealair announces Swegon partnership


idealair announces Swegon partnership

Idealair has announced an exclusive partnership with Swegon, a global manufacturer and supplier of indoor climate systems.

Swegon’s range includes the Gold version F Energy Recovery Unit. According to Idealair, Swegon Gold version F offers up to 85 per cent sensible energy recovery and 75 per cent latent recovery in a unit with a compact footprint and fully integrated open protocol control system. This allows significant cost savings to be made both in terms of overall control system costs and installation/commissioning time.

“Swegon Gold RX is a complete air-handling unit with rotary heat exchanger, direct-driven supply air and extract air fans as well as supply air and extract air filters,” says idealair.

“It manages airflows up to 50,400m3/h with variable speed control for rotary heat exchangers.

“It recovers heat energy and cooling energy, and optimised fan sizes give greater freedom to choose exactly the right size of AHU and fan variants to suit the needs of the installation. This also gives even greater possibilities to optimise the energy efficiency of the current project.”

The range has been designed for commercial, non-residential buildings, from hospitals to retail building sectors.