Klimagiel Textile and Metal Ducting Distributor

Klimagiel Textile and Metal Ducting Distributor

Idealair Group has recently been appointed as a distribution partner in Australia by Italian textile and duct manufacturing company, Klimagiel. They knew Idealair Group was the best distributor to trust for their textile and sheet metal ducting products.

The Induction TEX Jet and Induction Metal Jet ranges that Klimagiel produce combine highly developed air distribution and diffusion principals with a vast range or aesthetic styles, finishes and colours.

Induction Tex Jet are a new style of textile duct while the Induction Metal Jet range is can be manufactured in your choice of AISI 316 stainless steel, galvanised steel or painted steel. They are quick to install, ultra quiet and the micrometrical control of the output air velocity prevents condensation from building up.

While textile or fabric ducting was first adopted in the food processing and refrigeration industries, it have recently become increasingly popular across a far wider range of applications including swimming pools, shopping centres, cinemas, halls and more.

Any areas where there is a concentration of people such as supermarkets, swimming pools, airports, cinemas, restaurants, meeting and exhibition halls can benefit from the light weight, low cost and quick to install Klimagiel textile ducting offering an ideal solution both technically and aesthetically.

If you’re interested in Klimagiel ducting for any upcoming projects, get in contact with one of our experts today.