Our Views and Values

Originating from our founder’s vision, our views and values guide us as a company, shaping our interactions, processes, and products. Discover how we stay true to our identity while working with customers.


As the world turns, markets change and technologies evolve, we never lose our focus.


We were founded with a mindset of thinking big and doing whatever it takes to make things happen – with our founders seeing the benefits of a flexible, focused and spirited culture. A culture built on passion, drive and enthusiasm, at all levels of our group. This environment encourages initiative, free thinking, original ideas and the drive to get every detail right.


In everything we do and make, and in the strong relationships we forge, we act ethically and honestly.


Across our businesses and brands, integrity is something we all have in common; the foundation of our reputation that we safeguard every day. Whether it’s the physical integrity of our businesses’ products, the financial integrity of our group, or the personal integrity of our people, our commitment to ethics and morals is one of our overriding virtues.


Our success depends on our people and we are fully committed to them, with a culture of long service throughout our business.


We have created an environment that makes our people feel valued and that they belong, inspiring them to give their best, continue with us and achieve ever-greater things. We value flexibility, potential and willingness and recognise the strengths of our people. This gives our diverse workforce the opportunity to apply its unique abilities, skills and contributions in a family atmosphere, in which we all trust in each other.


Family-owned, privately managed and proudly independent, a sense of individual responsibility, autonomy and entrepreneurship runs throughout our group.


Our people are empowered to lead change from within, at all levels of our group and our businesses, to take ownership and responsibility for their decisions and the differences they make. As such, every one of them is driven, self-motivated and ready to stand by their convictions.


We are a group of businesses with respect for our founders vision, each of them inspiring us to look ahead and think beyond.


We have a sustainable vision of protecting and enhancing our world. It all goes back to our heritage – to the vigilance and foresight of our founders in staying ahead of tomorrow’s developments. As a result, we always consider the long-term aspects of our actions; not just reacting to what is in front of us, but shaping the behaviours that make a significant difference. It’s all down to our mindset of leading the way and thinking beyond.


Idealair Group is committed to all facets of sustainability including ethical business, environmental responsibility, and social responsibility. We are continually looking for ways to improve processes, reduce waste and limit and reduce the energy consumption of our offices. We use recycled plastics in many of our products, our offices recycle paper and plastic, and we are constantly looking at ways to reduce our packaging and find more sustainable options.


Some of the products we currently have that are made from recycled materials include:

  • Low Profile Duct System
  • Nubis Plastic Round Diffuser
  • Vendo Plastic Round Diffuser Downflow
  • Knox Plastic Multi-Directional Outlet


At Idealair group we are proud of our commitment to minimise our impact on the environment and our partnerships with service providers and suppliers who have similar programs in place.

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