Tex Jet

The high induction distribution system ensures that the flow of air out through the calibrated openings mixes perfectly with the room air, thus achieving a high level of indoor comfort.

Fabric diffusers, designed using inorganic fibre fabrics, guarantee maximum hygiene and exploit the high induction principle to generate optimum distribution and diffusion of the conditioned air. The flow of air generated through the calibrated openings, following carefully designed distribution in the duct, ensures perfect mixing of the primary air and room air, thus achieving maximum indoor comfort. Different types of fabric can be chosen, each with specific technical specifications and certification.

Constant fabric research and development, together with the design of increasingly efficient fixing solutions, make micro-perforated fabric diffusers the ideal solution for a vast number of applications. Fabric diffusers have a further important advantage, being much lighter than any other type of air distribution system. The fixing systems have been optimised in every detail, to ensure easy and highly-reliable installation.

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