Linear Multistream Wall Diffuser

Smartemp LMW-AD

High induction linear wall slot diffuser with alternating multi-stream mini-jets discharged by nozzle barrels. Nozzle barrel discharge direction is individually adjustable through 90° to alter air pattern vertically. Suitable for installation in the side of a wall or bulkhead.

Mixed flow discharge
High induction alternating multi-stream mini–jet discharge from adjustable barrel nozzles located in linear slots intensely mixes supply air with room air. Strong supply air diltuion with rapid discharge velocity decay produces draught-free, high momentum supply air motion of uniform temperature distribution. Ideal for enhanced thermal comfort (ADPI ≥ 90%).

Return air
Also suitable for use as a return air inlet.

Wall location
Air supply from sidewall, bulkhead or side of duct.

Adjustable direction
Individual barrel discharge rotation through 90° for vertical air pattern adjustment. Horizontal or inclined discharge provides draught-free cooling; downward discharge provides effective heating.

Manual adjustment
Air pattern direction adjustment is manual.

Linear face shape
Aluminium extrusions provide continuous linear aesthetic, with or without side and end flanges.

Slot face pattern
Barrel nozzles create linear slot appearance.

Plastic Face
Black plastic adjustable barrel nozzles.

Metal Face
Anodised or powder coated linear aluminium profiles.

Airflow rate 

  • 10 – 133 L/s/m (36 – 479 m³/h/m)

Nominal length

  • 1200 mm
  • Bespoke lengths and joining strips available on request
  • Available with or without side/end flanges

Element width

  • Flangeless: 1 slot = 31 mm; 2-slot = 65 mm
  • Flanged: 1 slot = 48 mm; 2-slot = 76 mm

Discharge height

  • 2.5 – 4 m


  • 1 – 2 slot configurations
  • Air pattern vertically adjustable
  • High induction alternating mini-jet discharge
  • Barrel nozzles individually adjustable through 90°
  • Barrel nozzles of plastic, black
  • Side and end profiles of aluminium, natural anodised or powder coated
  • Flanged or flangeless side and end profiles
  • Installation flush with wall or bulkhead


The SMARTEMP® Linear Multistream Wall Diffuser, type LMW-AD, is a high induction linear slot wall diffuser. Alternating mini-jet discharge from a mulitude of individually adjustable barrel nozzles provides vertical discharge direction adjustment of the multi-stream air pattern. The diffuser can be flush mounted to the side of a wall or bulkhead, and is available with or without face flanges.

The diffuser’s 1 or 2-row linear slots comprise a multitude of nozzle barrels each with vertical discharge direction adjustment to produce highly inductive discharge by breaking up the supply air stream into a multitude of micro-jets.

The barrel nozzles are made of black polycarbonate, each with an adjustable guide vane, and are located in aluminium extrusions that are anodised or powder coated. Each guide vane can be easily adjusted to alter the micro-jet discharge direction up or down.

High induction discharge offers many advantages. High aspiration causes intense mixing at the diffuser discharge face, strongly diluting the supply air stream with large quantities of room air. High induction provides rapid temperature equalisation of the supply air stream with room air, preventing cold air dumping, thereby ensuring uniform temperature distribution (no cold and draughty or hot and stagnant spots) and high comfort levels in the space.

High induction also improves heating performance, as rapid supply-to-room air temperature equalisation prevents the supply air from being overly bouyant.

The stable discharge characteristics of the diffuser over a wide range of supply air temperatures and volume flow rates make the LMW-AD suitable for standard or low temperature air conditioning systems, with constant flow or VAV, whilst maintaining uniform temperature distribution and high levels of draught-free comfort in the occupancy space.

Connection boxes with concealed diffuser fastenings.


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